LilaByte Zimbra Plugin for cPanel, TZBM for short, adds business level email support to cPanel hosting panel through the ability to flexibly connect users with external Zimbra servers.

TZBM let you define in a flexible way (by package and by account) the number of business mailboxes and the maximum quota for each of your customers.

TZBM lets your customers define normal and business class mailboxes aside each other. The ability of mixing mailbox types let your customers control their costs.

TZBM lets you define a global quota for a customer and offers your customer the ability to share this global quota in the way he want between all its business mailboxes.

TZBM works as well with the NE or OS version of Zimbra.


LilaByte Zimbra Plugin for cPanel is build of two parts :

  • A WHM plugin to let you manage the configuration (Zimbra servers, package support, ...) for your customers.
  • A cPanel plugin for your customers to define and manage business level emails.

The WHM plugin lets you define the credential to access your Zimbra servers, the business email support associated with your predefined packages or for individual accounts. You can define the number of business mailboxes and the global quota for all business mailboxes associated with a user (at package level of for particular accounts).

The cPanel plugin offer your customers an interface that let them create and manage business mail addresses. They could manage the quota of each of their business mailboxes, the associated informations (firstname, name, ...) and the password.

If your customers want to define aliases, they could do it through the normal cPanel tool.


The increasing needs in communication, synchronization and sharing taken today place between peoples, projects or in enterprises needs a higher level of flexibility and accessibility than the one provided by classical services.

To be competitive the information needs to be quickly accessible, it needs to be shared, synchronized and even pushed to anyone in the group that need it.

TZBM brings this new level of flexibility to your customers and help you gaining their confidence you can respond to their current and future needs.

Unlike other hosted exchange solutions your customers don't need to have business support for each of their mailboxes, they can even choose themselves the quota they will associate to their each mailbox individually, which let them the freedom to manage themselves the configuration of their emails.

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